The hormone testosterone is the foundation of what makes a man, a man. Produced naturally within the body, testosterone affects a man’s physical appearance, their sex drive, sexual development, and muscle and bone growth. Men with low testosterone will be diagnosed with “low T”, defined as testosterone levels below 300 nanograms per deciliter. According to Healthline, these are 9 signs that you may need to seek treatment for low T.

1. Decrease in sex drive

Men are known for what seems to be a sex drive that just never gives up. While you don’t have to act like a drooling teenager just hitting puberty to be secure about your testosterone levels, there should be consistency in your desire to have sex. If you’re finding that you’re just no longer in the mood, you might have low T levels.

2. Hair loss

Another symptom that can be mistaken for aging, hair loss can be a sign of decreasing testosterone levels. Don’t just pay attention to the hair on top of your head. T levels affect hair production all over the body. If your facial hair stats thinning as well you might want to seek hormone therapy treatment.

3. Less semen

You might need to pay closer attention to this one if you’re going to count in at a symptom of low T levels. Upon ejaculation, if you take note of less and less fluid, low T levels might be the underlying cause.

4. Having a hard time with erections

Another symptom that might just be due to aging, having trouble getting it up could also be a sign of low T levels. Testosterone however, isn’t the only factor in being able to have and maintain an erection. Other factors include, thyroid problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, alcohol, drug use, depression, stress, and anxiety.

5. Decreasing muscle mass

If you’ve stopped working out, don’t look into underlying reasons as to why your muscles are shrinking. If you’re maintaining your routine and diet however, and seem to be deflating, low T levels might be the root of the problem.

6. Gaining fat

Just like seeing a change in your muscle mass, if you see a change in your body fat and you haven’t changed your workout routine or diet, it could be due to your T levels. Some men will develop fatty sacs near their pecs (resembling breasts) due to the hormone imbalance.

7. Mood swings

Unfortunately, men with low testosterone levels are more at risk of suffering from mood disorders of even depression. While low T levels isn’t always the reason men are facing these problems, if combined with other symptoms, it’s a good idea to see a doctor.

8. Drop in bone mass

This isn’t a symptom you’d necessarily notice without the help of a doctor. Bone conditions are most associated with women, but can affect men with low T levels. If you’ve suffered more than one bone fracture that you don’t feel were warranted, you might want to get to a doctor.

9. Tiredness

Many things can cause you to feel tired, but extreme fatigue and loss of energy can be a sure-tell sign of low T levels.

Low testosterone levels in men can be a difficult thing to deal with. It’s unfortunate how one hormone can turn your life upside down in ways you took for granted prior to being diagnosed with low T.