Looking for a Family Clinic in Bandera TX? Look no further than Innovative Urgent Care & Family Clinic. We offer a walk-in family clinic or if you like, make an appointment. Our clinic is staffed with credentialed providers for most major insurance carriers in Texas.

What services do we offer at our Family Clinic?

Our providers can treat chronic and acute ailments. Below is a list of some of the most common medical problems we treat on a regular basis.

High Blood Pressure
Diabetes Management
Thyroid Problems
High Cholesterol
COPD, Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis
Minor Skin Disorders
Mild Depression & Anxiety
Acid Reflux and Digestive Disorders
Chronic Headaches and Migraines
Joint & Back Pain

We can also work closely with you to adjust any medications you are taking for current medical problems. When necessary, we refer you to
specialists so you can receive the very best care you are entitled to.

Do we offer minor surgical services?

Yes, we do offer some minor surgical services, including the setting of broken bones, mending lacerations, and all kinds of bumps and bruises. 

Abscesses happens when an infection or pus collects under the skin causing a lump. We can clear these up by using antibiotics or opening the abscess and draining. Various cysts and lesions are also removed and treated. 

We also offer the treatment of 1st to 3rd degree burns with the latest techniques.

Subungual Hematomas are bleeding under a toe or fingernail. Typically, caused by being crushed they can cause severe pain and throbbing. We
can help relieve the pain by eliminating the pressure.

What other services do we provide?


We are the perfect Family Clinic in Bandera and offer sports physicals for those wanting to participate in organized athletic programs. Most
schools require students to have a comprehensive physical to make sure it is safe for them to participate in after school sport programs.  We also offer D.O.T. physicals needed for commercial drivers.

IV Therapy & Hydration:

The Meyer’s Cocktail is a mixture of vitamins and minerals given by IV and can be customized for each patient depending on the needs. This cocktail can be useful in treating several conditions, including over exertion, relief of migraines, relief from a cold or the flu, food
poisoning, asthma, allergies, chronic pain, and just to give yourself some help to slow down the aging process.  On the lighter side of this therapy, the Meyer’s cocktail can give quick relief for a hangover. 

Hormone Therapy Replacement:

As we age, our bodies slowly stop producing “youthful” hormones and we often are left with several uncomfortable symptoms. Hormone
replacement can ease some of the following symptoms in both men and women:

Low energy
Low sex drive
Mood swings
Weight gain
Depression and Anxiety
Joint pain

Women also suffer from some of the following during menopause:

Hot Flashes
Vaginal dryness
Hot Flashes

And for men during Andropause, hormone replacement can give relief to:

Erectile Dysfunction
Reduced muscle mass
Brian fog
Prostate problems

If you are looking for a Family Clinic in Bandera, we have the services you need at a fraction of the cost of visiting the Emergency  Room.