Innovative Urgent Care and Family Clinic is committed to family care in San Antonio. We have earned many five-star ratings for our medical care, friendly staff, and extended hours.

Where can I find a family doctor in San Antonio?

Looking for a family doctor in San Antonio is easy with Innovative Family Clinic. We are committed to your health, comfort, and confidence.

Dr. Johnson is our family doctor and provides well-patient services in an office setting.

What is a family doctor?

A family doctor cares for all ages, from newborn to the elderly, and is also called a primary care physician (PCP). Physicians who specialize in family medicine generally follow a three-year residency after they have completed their general residency for a broader scope of patient care. Using a PCP for overall medical care is proven to foster trust, and trust is essential in the doctor-patient relationship. A patient needs to be able to talk about anything in the exam room. What you think is embarrassing is not embarrassing for your doctor. He/she has heard that problem before and knows how to treat it. You should feel free to talk to your doctor about anything.

A PCP accounts for all social, biological, and psychological components of a person. To ignore any of these components is providing inadequate care. This sets a PCP apart from other medical specialties.

Family medicine is more than just convenient for the entire family going to the same office for healthcare. They get to know each member of the family. Innovative Family Clinic prides ourselves on getting to know you, your personal history, and your family medical history. Indepth medical histories are taken to determine if you are at increased risk of hereditary medical conditions.

Your complete patient records in one office make it easier to keep necessary lab tests and procedures on schedule.

- Women need Pap smears and mammograms.
- Men need PSA tests.
- Children need immunizations.
- The entire family needs their flu shots.

These kinds of records won’t be available if you are jumping from urgent care to urgent care for colds and minor health issues. Continuity in care is healthier for everyone.

What can a family doctor do?

Of course, a family doctor takes care of colds, minors cuts and scrapes, and allergies, but normally, they can also manage common chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, asthma, or arthritis. Of course, if it is determined that the patient needs more specialized care, the patient will be referred to a doctor that takes care of that specific problem.

Minor surgical procedures can also be done in a PCP office, such as draining abscesses or freezing a wart.
Is a family doctor better than an emergency room?

Minor illnesses and chronic conditions are not meant to be handled in an emergency room (ER). Not only do patients end up waiting for hours to be seen for an earache, but the cost of an ER visit is phenomenal.

Even with good insurance, the co-pays for ER visits tend to be double or more what a doctor visit would cost you. Insurance companies intentionally price their co-pays to entice patients to think twice about going to the ER when there are other options available.

Innovative Urgent Care and Family Clinic in San Antonio is a better choice than an ER visit.